July Accessibility Webinars from Deque

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Are you interested in learning more about web and mobile accessibility? Deque is pleased to announce two free webinars in July to help you get up-to-speed. Whether you are brand new to the ideas around accessibility or a seasoned developer, one of these webinars will be right for you.

We invite you to register today!

Mobile Accessibility 101

In this brand new webinar directed at developers, we will explore how to make sure your mobile websites and apps are usable for all of your customers, including those who are blind or have other disabilities.Mobile Accessibility 101

Host, and mobile accessibility expert Paul J. Adam will cover all the basics related to mobile accessibility. Join us on July 22, 2014 from 2-3 PM EDT.

In this free, one-hour session, we'll cover:

  • Mobile Assistive Technology Settings & Demos
  • Legal Requirements
  • Common Accessibility Barriers
  • HTML5 Mobile Forms
  • How To Test with VoiceOver & TalkBack Screen Readers
  • Introduction to iOS & Android Native Accessibility APIs

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Not a developer? Join our introductory Accessibility 101 webinar instead.

Accessibility 101

Are you new to web accessibility and don't really know where to begin? Have you wondered what exactly makes a website accessible or how your business may be impacted by an inaccessible website? The latest session of our popular Web Accessibility 101 webinar will answer these questions and more.Deque's Webinar Series - Accessibility 101

Join accessibility expert Todd Liebsch on July 23 from 2PM to 3PM EDT for this introductory overview of website accessibility.

The Web Accessibility 101 webinar will cover:

  • Foundational knowledge of building accessibility into your website and where to begin
  • What a screenreader is, what it does, and how it works
  • The three approaches an organization can take to achieve accessibility, and the single most sustainable option for large organizations
  • And what Deque's product solutions can do to help your organization meet website accessibility guidelines

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