IOS App Offers Increased Safety

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As a person with no light perception, I dislike having to take my guide dog out when it's dark except in familiar surroundings.  So when I've travelled in the past, I have had to spend time on large weather sites teasing out the times for sunrise and sunset for my travel destination.  While this worked, it was inconvenient and yet another thing to do before I left home!

Now with the very usable app, Sun Circuit, I can just open the app and it displays the hours and minutes until the next sunrise/sunset!  How nice!  And it allows me to know when it is dark so that I can choose to take someone with me for greater security.  I would bet that the app developer never thought he was contributing to better personal safety.  Although some of the buttons could be more clearly labelled, the app is usable enough for a person using VoiceOver and I'm forever in their debt! My guide dog and I have happier trails now!

Screen-capture of the Sun Circuit application

Sun Circuit displays a countdown to the next sunrise or sunset for up to 15 locations.

Sun Circuit by Vemedio is a free application for your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad that displays a countdown to the next sunrise or sunset for up to 15 locations.  You may learn more about the app or download it here.  


Pat Pound is a disability consultant from Austin, Texas who has used technology for many years, starting a training unit for people who are blind in the '80's.  She worked for the State of Texas for many years and shaped disability policy including information accessibility.  She is now "retired" but that just means she only does work she likes!  She is a weaver, game enthusiast, and has trained teachers of visually impaired kids regarding use of IOS devices.  "My own blindness has lead me down many interesting paths and it's such fun now to see how technology can improve our lives!"

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