You’re Invited to Deque’s IAAP Certification Study Party!

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Why Should I Attend?

This study party is free and open to all who are interested in accessibility and want to become accessibility experts. This certification is perfect for web developers, UI designers, accessibility managers, or a subject matter experts. As accessibility grows in awareness and necessity, this professional certification will competitively set you apart from other experts at your company or in your field.

Most importantly, this study party will be instructed and led by Dr. Paul Bohman, the IAAP Certification Committee Chair and Director of Training at Deque Systems! Dr. Bohman has been the Chair of the IAAP Certification Committee since its inception. His doctoral dissertation focused on web accessibility in the higher education curriculum in three different countries. It goes without saying that Paul is the most qualified person to receive this training from. As an added bonus, Dr. Bohman will tailor the content of this review to those who attend the party.

What is the IAAP Certification?

The IAAP Certification is divided into two types of certifications: Certification Professional in Accessibility Core Competencies (CPACC) and Web Accessibility Specialist (WAS) Credential. Broadly, this certification aims to better define what accessibility professionals are expected to know and increase quality and consistency of work performed by accessibility professionals. Below we will discuss the differences between the two certifications.

IAAP Certified Professional in Accessibility Core Competencies (CPACC)

This certification represents that you have a “broad knowledge of disabilities, accessibility and universal design, and accessibility-related standards, laws, and management strategies” (IAAP). This certification is ideal for those who manage and support accessibility but are not technical or designers themselves. For example, this would apply to web designers, software engineers, educational professionals, consumer and industrial product designers, architects, project or executive managers overseeing accessibility initiatives, etc.

This exam will be rigorous, but it will be conceptual rather than technical in nature. For more information regarding the content of this certification, please visit the IAPP content outline.

IAAP Web Accessibility Specialist (WAS)

This certification is intended for professionals who “evaluate the accessibility of existing content or objects according to published technical standards and guidelines and provide detailed remediation recommendations” (IAAP). In other words, these experts are responsible for championing these relevant technologies, they do not merely know what they are.

This program is geared towards those who personally design, develop, implement, evaluate, and manage the technical details of accessible web solutions. It is important that you are proficient in HTML programming to receive this credential. For more information regarding the content of this certification, please visit the IAPP content outline.

When and Where is the Party?

This study party will be hosted at our Herndon, Virginia office (2121 Cooperative Way, #210). It will take place on Wednesday, September 13th from 6:00-9:00pm.  Again, this party is free and open to all but we ask that you register now so that we will have an accurate headcount for ordering pizzas!

The next morning we will be hosting the exam on Thursday, September 14th at 9:00am. Sign up information and later exam dates will be available on the IAAP Certification Application page. (We’ll send you an email when the Fall dates have been posted.)

If you are unable to come to the study party or are not local to the DC or Virginia area, feel free to check out our online training program: Deque University. This program is tailored after the IAAP Certification Program and will be a very helpful tool for studying at your own pace.

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