Worldspace Sync is Coming Soon!

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the Deque Software LifecycleDeque is thrilled to announce the launch of our latest software accessibility suite, Worldspace Sync!

Our new software takes a unique approach by providing accessibility tools for every phase of the software development life cycle. Ensuring accessibility throughout every phase of the life cycle reduces risk, and it provides the greatest opportunity for organizations to service the widest possible audience.

The modules within the Worldspace Sync Enterprise Suite include:

  • Developer & QA Tester
    • Developers coding for accessibility and QA testers use a suite of tools that analyzes every element of the pages they are working on and provides multi-modal feedback on where accessibility issues exist, and how to re-mediate them. Plug-ins are available for a range of development environments, including Sharepoint, Visual Basic and others.
  • Manager
    • Development, project, and compliance managers access a comprehensive tool-set that includes site-wide analysis and reporting resources, task assignment and work-flow tools,and executive-level dashboards. Powerful automated testing that includes complex user inputs can be scheduled and run automatically to ensure accessibility over time.

Worldspace Sync: key features

  • Fast, Accurate Page and Site Analysis. Worldspace Sync analyzes individual pages and entire sites for accessibility issues quickly and accurately. Testing can occur at the page level for developers, or large site-wide tests can be scheduled to run automatically by development managers.
  • Customized Reports. Issues found as a result of Worldspace Sync's analysis can be filtered and customized for teams. Reports can present custom page groups for different groups within a project team,and issues can be filtered to focus on specific types of page elements, such as a report for designers focusing on the level of accessibility of the colors in page designs.
  • Enhanced screen reader simulation. Worldspace Sync can simulate what a user will experience using a screen reader. Enhancements to the screen reader simulator include the ability to differentiate between the page's content and its structure during the simulation, and there is support for parsing iFrames and tables.
  • Simulation of Complex User Inputs. Automated tests can include scripted actions such as page clicks and form input. Customized playback options include speed variability and step-by-step playback of user inputs, allowing for deep and detailed analysis of the dynamics on the page.
  • Customizable project guidelines. Worldspace's customizable accessibility guidelines allow project teams to test sites in the context of existing accessibility standards,or to use project-specific custom guidelines. Reports prioritize accessibility issues based on their impact on the project's priorities, and new dashboard views provide efficient communication for stakeholders throughout the organization.
  • Significantly improved UI. Based on user feedback, Worldspace Sync's interface has been streamlined to promote ease of use and to support efficient project work flow.