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Deque has identified an opportunity for accessibility advocates to establish a regularly scheduled Twitter chat to discuss hot button issues within the community and a chance to build relationships. In order to give the chat a chance for success, we feel it is imperative that we seek feedback from the community when it comes to the day, time, and frequency of the chat. Please take a few moments to indicate your interest level and thoughts in the survey linked below.

Tweet Chat Survey

Thank you very much for the feedback!


If you'd like to lean more about Deque and the services we offer, please contact us.


  • Lisa Barnett Permalink

    For me, an asynchronous, archived, threaded conversation would be most useful. I’d love to have access to a searchable archive of my peers’ contributions and conversations. Real-time has so many challenges in terms of my workflow and availability. And yes, I agree that a skilled facilitator would be great, and would help to improve the overall quality of the conversation.

  • Deborah Edwards-Onoro Permalink

    I’m interested. I’ve had good luck with chats that are held on a regular basis. To gauge interest, I would suggest a once a month chat to start at a specific time and day for several months.

  • Dan Mouyard Permalink

    I’d love to get involved with regular a11y chats! My experiences with Twitter chats, though, haven’t been great.

  • Michelle Permalink

    This would be interesting again depending on if it works with my time zone.

  • Scott Williams Permalink

    I’m willing to give it a try. I can devote work time to this to accommodate my friends across the puddle.

  • Brian Richwine Permalink

    Sine timing could be difficult, perhaps at an alternating time a couple times a month.

  • Gary Miller Permalink

    Sounds really interesting. I’m with James on the time zone problems though.

  • James Coltham Permalink

    Excellent idea – definitely interested. My experience of Twitter chats is they can go off at odd tangents, so you do need a good facilitator and clear themes and topics to stick to each time. I said “monthly” in the survey but actually there could be appetite for more regular ones and you could stagger the themes.

    Timing is difficult to take different time zones into account. I’m in the UK and my preference would be evenings. Definitely couldn’t take part during office hours – Twitter chats demand 100% attention and no interruptions!

    Really hope to see this happen.

  • Pat Pound Permalink

    monthly seems good to me, time is flexible.

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