Infographics are so hot right now…

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Today we have a guest post from Joshua Gold.  Joshua  is a web developer and gamer.  He spends his free time with his dog Zip and enjoys the newest cuisine - a true adventurer and a risk taker.

Common Infographic Template with graphsWhat's the hottest new Internet buzz? The hottest way on the Web to visualize complex or weighty topics are via infographics. These easily digested visual nuggets can represent data in creative ways that pie-charts and bar graphs can't do as effectively.

Marketers are starting to see the power in spreading infographics in order to further a company cause. It's become one of the most popular ways to build up a campaign of knowledge for a certain topic.

So how can you get your work seen and found by relevant audiences? It's in the promotion, stupid! Simply making a compelling visual, and throwing it up on on the Web won't get it noticed. Nor will it get found in search; Google is almost useless at detecting information in a visual format. To get your design out there, you will need to take advantage of good web SEO and social media.


Make sure that your infographic uses credible sources and makes it clear what those sources are. Research your topic well, and include small footnotes at the bottom. Nobody will take you seriously if they don't trust the information source.

Web Hosting

You'll need to have a site to host your piece. You can search for a good selection of inexpensive web hosts, if you don't already have a blog or other site ready to go.


It's a good idea to promote your work to a select group of bloggers who cover the chosen topic or subject. Offer them a preview and the chance to collaborate with you.

Once you've gotten some feedback and enthusiasm (hopefully), then get your infographic online. Use good SEO terminology and add relevant keywords for the search engines to find it. Then take your efforts a step further by sharing your piece on social networks.


Can you break up your image into several distinct parts? If so, try this tactic. Submit these segments separately to several different sites, such as flickr, and link back to your original blog post. A couple weeks later, upload the entire image to these image sharing sites and link back to your site again. In addition to flicker, there are several sites designed specifically for sharing infographics.

Social Bookmarking Sites

Use social bookmarking sites like StumbleUpon, Digg, Reddit, and Delicious. Share your own infographic as well as others with some of the most influential users in those communities. This can be one of the most effective ways to get your information out there.

Ultimately, your success will depend on a visually appealing and informative piece that includes great information that's relevant to key audiences.

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