HTML 5 Accessibility: Exclusive Presentation [VIDEO]

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As part of an ongoing partnership with jQuery, Deque recently sponsored the JavaScript Accessibility Summit, a two-day event held in Herndon, Virginia. For those who missed this exclusive conference, we are sharing video and slides from Paul Bohman's presentation on HTML5 Accessibility.  Paul Bohman is the Director of Training at Deque Systems and is chair of the Certification Committee for the International Association of Accessibility Professionals.

This talk focused on the new features in HTML 5 and how they impact accessibility. Topics covered include new form input types (date, email, number, etc.), new structural tags (nav, main, etc.), native media players, and more.

Video of HTML5 Accessibility Talk

Slides for HTML5 Accessibility Talk

To access the slides for this presentation, please visit this link: HMTL5 Accessibility with Paul Bohman

Interested in Attending the Next JavaScript Accessibility Summit?

Save the date for January 16th & 17th 2014 and watch this space for event registration: Sign up to learn more about Deque news and events!

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