Free Webinar Equips You for the Legal Issues of Web Accessibility

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Free Webinar Equips You for the Legal Issues of Web AccessibilityDoes the Americans with Disabilities Act apply to your website? How can you reduce your legal risk?

Web accessibility is becoming increasingly important for B2C companies as more lawsuits are claiming that the ADA applies to web products and services. Web accessibility is not just a technical issue. Nor is it just a legal issue. The topic requires a deep understanding of complex technologies as well as statutes and regulations that have not kept up with technological developments.

Expert Legal Advice on ADA Compliance

To address these issues, Deque CEO Preety Kumar will host a free webinar, Web Accessibility and ADA Compliance, on May 7, 2015. The webinar will explain web accessibility and give you practical suggestions to reduce the risk of an ADA lawsuit.

  • Discover how to get the right accessibility assessment to best meet your needs.
  • Find out how to limit liability for services provided by third-party vendors.
  • Minimize exposure if your company is sued.
  • Understand the role of outside legal counsel throughout the process.

Our featured speaker is Kimberly Reindl, Senior Counsel in the Commercial Litigation practice at Perkins Coie LLP. Kimberly specializes in Internet-related regulatory issues, and has counseled the leading providers of online services on web accessibility. She recently published a widely-acclaimed article on the importance of developing a program and strategy for ADA compliance as it may be applied to a company's web presence.

Help for Companies at Any Stage

Whether you're at the initial stages of forming your digital accessibility strategy or have a program in place, this webinar will provide valuable insights and ideas for dealing with this increasingly important topic.

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