Discover your Roadmap to Accessibility

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Have you been told you need to make more company's digital content ADA compliant? Making websites and mobile apps accessible can be a big job, and often it is a struggle to even know where to begin. Before you embark on the journey to accessibility, you need a roadmap. Our Deque Roadmap will help you navigate the process through every step along the way.

The Accessibility Roadmap to ADA Compliance

The roadmap to accessibility includes:

  • Assessment of your online and mobile assets. How compliant are you today?
  • Creating a risk portfolio that prioritizes where focus is needed to reach compliance
  • Developing a remediation plan that provides options, requirements and a timeline for becoming compliant
  • Establishing a communications plan to convey proactive messages regarding your efforts, both internally and externally
  • How the roadmap steps can see your organization through every milestone along the journey to accessibility



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