Deque Systems Inc. Announces a new program for a “One Accessible World”

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DEQUE 2005 Press Release

Deque Systems Inc. Announces a new program for a "One Accessible World"

Partnerships for a One Accessible World Program

Deque Systems Inc. today announced a new program--Partnerships for a "One Accessible World". In order to promote accessible practices and methods Deque is offering, at no cost, Ramp Personal Edition to educators and organizations who share the company's vision for an accessible online world.

Deque Ramp Personal Edition, enables individual website creators to interactively test Web pages under development for compliance with the US Rehabilitation Act Section 508 as well as the World Wide Web Consortium Web Accessibility Initiative Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (W3C WAI WCAG), one page at a time.

People with disabilities use alternative browsing techniques. For instance, they need to adjust font-sizes or color attributes, or use speech output, or might be able to use either a keyboard or a mouse- and not both. Unless Web pages are coded as per the accessibility guidelines and standards, they are unable to access news, shop online, bank online or do a host of other Web based activities.

"Across the Web, accessibility levels are low," said Dr. Jonathan Lazar, associate professor in the Department of Computer and Information Sciences at Towson University in Maryland. Dr. Lazar who also regularly presents tutorials on usability and human-computer interaction, added, "Part of the challenge is teaching our students, the Web developers and webmasters of the future, about the importance of accessibility. I feel that by getting products such as RAMP PE in the hands of students, we can improve Web accessibility levels in the future."

Deque's Director for Accessibility Practices Sailesh Panchang, who has an M.S. in Rehabilitation Technology and uses screen reading software added, "Deque's automated accessibility testing tools significantly reduce the time it takes to conduct a Web accessibility audit and lets the human auditor focus attention on accessibility issues that need human judgment for identification".

Deque Ramp Personal Edition is the third product in Deque's accessibility management product line. It ships with plug ins for Macromedia Dreamweaver®, Microsoft FrontPage and Macromedia HomeSite®. Deque Ramp Personal Edition also provides the user with necessary guidance to correct the accessibility issues identified.

Deque's move will put a tool that automatically checks HTML code for accessibility related faults in the hands of students learning Web content design. Deque's other product Deque-Ramp-Ascend which retails at $1,499 can spider websites and even repair code when accessibility violations are detected. Deque Worldspace is an enterprise solution more suited for mid-sized and large organizations to detect, repair accessibility violations and continually monitor adherence to Web standards.

Students and organizations eligible for a free copy of Deque-Ramp-PE may seek more information about this program by writing to

About Deque

Deque is a pioneer in making information accessible to all Web users, regardless of personal physical ability. The company leads the market with solutions that automatically test, validate and repair websites for accessibility. Deque is the premier provider of end-to-end software and consulting services that speed the ability of major commercial and government customers to embrace the global community of persons with disabilities. For more information, visit

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