Deque Systems Announces Major Product Upgrade

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Worldspace Sync software release greatly expanded accessibility toolset for organizations

San Diego, CA -- February 29, 2012 -- Today at the International Technology and Persons with Disabilities Conference, Deque Systems has announced a major upgrade to its Worldspace enterprise software platform. Worldspace Sync dramatically enhances the toolset that organzations have to make their websites accessible to users with disabilities, resulting in lower costs, more sustainable results, and greater ease of use.

"The release of Worldspace Sync brings powerful new tools to organizations who have a commitment to making their websites accessible for all users," said Preety Kumar, CEO of Deque Systems. "With the introduction of Worldspace Sync, we are providing new technologies for development teams that are truly groundbreaking."

A New Approach to Accessibility

Most software tools take a 'scan and report' approach to ensuring accessibility. They provide a static report during the creation of the website, but do nothing to help large dynamic websites remain accessible over time. Worldspace Sync introduces a range of new features that help the enterprise manage accessibility in every phase of the software development lifecycle.

For example, after a website launches, site-wide accessibility tests can be scheduled and run automatically, and they can even test interactions and inputs that a user would make, like going through a log-in sequence or filling out an online form. Many of Deque's customers have websites with millions of pages, and a complete site test can require a large amount of computing power. Worldspace Sync includes a new feature called CloudScale, the ability to use Amazon's cloud-based computing resources on-demand when an accessibility test is run, automatically scaling up the computing horsepower when it's needed during the test, and dialing it back down once the test is complete.

Other tools within Worldspace Sync are targeted at the developers responsible for creating accessible websites. The software checks the page the developer is working on and visually highlight areas that need attention, and shows the area of code the developer should focus on. New features include the ability to test rich Internet content for accessibility, and improvements to the screen reader simulator, which emulates what a user using assistive technology would experience on the site.

Tools for development managers who oversee website creation and revision include enhanced project goal setting and reporting, and the ability to integrate Worldspace Sync to popular services that track bugs.

Worldspace Sync Availability

Worldspace Sync will be available to customers in March, 2012.

About Deque Systems

Deque Systems, Inc--headquartered in Herndon , VA, andk opening  an office in Ann Arbor, MI, this spring--is a leading technology provider of Web accessibility solutions. Deque's unmatched abilities have earned the trust of government agencies, Fortune 500 companies and small to mid-sized businesses. Deque is an SBA 8(a) and SDB Certified woman owned business that values diversity.



Glenda Sims is the Team A11Y Lead at Deque, where she shares her expertise and passion for the open web with government organizations, educational institutions, and companies ranging in size from small business enterprise. Glenda is an adviser and co-founder of AIR-University (Accessibility Internet Rally) and AccessU. She serves as an accessibility consultant, judge, and trainer for Knowbility, an organization whose mission is to support the independence of people with disabilities by promoting the availability of barrier free IT. In 2010 Glenda co-authored the book InterACT with Web Standards: A holistic approach to Web Design.