Deque Releases Worldspace FireEyes, a NextGen Web Accessibility Tool Free to Developer Community

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Deque Systems announced the global launch of Worldspace™ FireEyes™, an unprecedented, next generation Web accessibility tool that ensures both static and dynamic content within a web portfolio are compliant with accessibility standards such as Section 508, WCAG 1.0 and WCAG 2.0.

Developers face real problems trying to make dynamic websites and applications, like Facebook, accessible to everyone. The current generation of tools on the market don't work with JavaScript or dynamic, event-based page content. FireEyes enables developers of rich, interactive sites and applications ensure their creations are accessible to everyone.

FireEyes is an easy-to-use plug-in that is fully integrated with one of the most popular and powerful Web development tools, FireBug, a Firefox extension. FireEyes works well with static sites plus includes features specifically designed to address the needs of dynamically updating content. It is the only tool on the market that is fully JavaScript aware that enables developers to instantly re-test static content, dynamic content and dynamic page updates, within seconds, while they are working, eliminating the long delays inherent in testing with legacy tools.

FireEyes solves the problem of error reproducibility by allowing developers to record scripts that show the exact sequence of steps required to trigger a problem and share it with others so they can see exactly how the problem happened.

It is also the only tool that automatically builds a single report that covers multiple pages or entire use cases. This automatic analysis feature provides developers a comprehensive list of issues to fix by providing a transcript of the entire session viewed in a single, drillable report. FireEyes can be used for general debugging, as well. It does all of this, in real time, during development activities, functional testing and even active deployment.

Other key features include:

  • The ability to choose which parts of which Web standards to include in tests. Specific tests can be turned on or off.
  • Interleaving of events, changes, and violations for easy debugging of accessibility issues in static or dynamic content.
  • Dynamic report filtering, and comprehensive reports and transcripts of all pages visited in a session, current document events and violations.

"FireEyes is amazing because it allows developers to do what they couldn't do before. Feedback from the development community has been really strong," said Preety Kumar, CEO of Deque Systems, "They've told me FireEyes reduces testing time from days to seconds, it makes manual testing much easier, and it supports the way they work, either individually or as part of a development team."

Kumar added, "When sites are designed to be universally accessible, the end result improves for everyone. At Deque, we believe that everyone should be given the same opportunities on the Web, so that's why we made FireEyes a free download."

For more information, or to download Worldspace FireEyes, please visit


Caitlin is an "Accessibility Decoder" at Deque Systems. She joined the team back in 2011 and has taken on a variety of roles over the years. These days she spends her time exploring the best ways to communicate accessibility ideas and solutions to the general public.