Web Accessibility Software – Get It Right the First Time

Denis Boudreau

Many organizations who are starting their web accessibility journey will often contact us and ask us for demos and quotes of our industry leading enterprise scan tool - WorldSpace Sync. The pervasive thinking seems to be, "if we just buy a tool, we can figure out the rest."I liken that strategy to someone knowing they need to perform surgery and thinking if they just purchase… Continue Reading Web Accessibility Software – Get It Right the First Time

Is your Banking Website at Risk?

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The Financial Brand posted a very interesting article on Friday about the importance of making sure your website is ADA compliant: "Could Your Banking Website Be The Target Of A Lawsuit?" - TheFinancialBrand.com The Next Frontier In the piece, Virginia-based attorney Brian G. Muse is quoted as saying, "Websites in many ways are becoming the next frontier for ADA litigation. ... For the past 10… Continue Reading Is your Banking Website at Risk?

Kickoff to Compliance!

At Deque's offices in Herndon, VA and Ann Arbor, MI, fall is underway! The temperatures have begun to cool, the days are getting a little shorter, and our local college and professional football teams have their seasons in full swing. Deque is excited to announce our Kickoff to Compliance series, a free eight-part program that discusses a number of topics related to setting up an… Continue Reading Kickoff to Compliance!

Conformance Statements and You: Part 1

Deque offers the service of collaborating with your organization to create a Conformance Statement for your website.  A Conformance Statement is a document from a trusted third party that details the level of accessibility you organization's web application has achieved. It's important to have a Conformance Statement on hand because it establishes awareness of accessibility, and it demonstrates that your company is planning and making an effort to address accessibility… Continue Reading Conformance Statements and You: Part 1

Deque @ CSUN 2011 Downloadable Guide

We thought you might want to have this handy, downloadable guide to all of our activities, presentations, demos, and special events at CSUN 2011--here you go! Come see us in our Showcase Suite for all the excitement! Download me! Deque @ CSUN 2011 Remember to RSVP for our exclusive VIP events on Wednesday (3/16) and Thursday (3/17) nights inside our Showcase Suite: First, Deque is… Continue Reading Deque @ CSUN 2011 Downloadable Guide

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