Accessibility Testing with aXe-core

Accessibility Testing with aXe-core Download aXe-core on GitHub Getting started with aXe-core aXe-core Integrations aXe Browser Extensions Tell me more about aXe-core Download aXe-core on GitHub You can download the source code from our GitHub repository where you can also fork, customize, extend and contribute. Getting started with aXe-core To download the module, make sure you have Node.js installed and are sitting in the root… Continue Reading Accessibility Testing with aXe-core


WorldSpace Comply

WorldSpace Assure

WorldSpace Attest

Deque Products

Deque Products No matter what kind of digital accessibility challenges your organization is facing, you need tools that are accurate and efficient. Deque's web and mobile accessibility testing tools have been built around our philosophy of Shift Left Accessibility. Shift Left Accessibility (or Shift Left A11y) means introducing accessibility testing into earlier stages of your development process - in a diagram of your development process,… Continue Reading Deque Products

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