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Paul J. Adam is a former Accessibility Evangelist for Deque Systems. His focus is on Mobile Accessibility and Modern Web Accessibility, with expertise in Mobile Web, Native iOS & Android, Hybrid Apps, Responsive Web Design, HTML5, JavaScript, WAI-ARIA, WCAG 2.0, and Modern Web development techniques. Paul’s been a registered Apple Developer since 2011, and spends his free time creating iOS apps and learning modern JavaScript development.

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Accessible Client-side Form Validation with HTML5

Connecting labels to inputs is easy! But what about required fields, error messages, and keyboard focus? In this three part blog series we'll learn to make accessible forms with HTML5, WAI-ARIA, and jQuery Validation. Our strategy will be to first try validation with HTML5 in the latest browsers that support these form attributes, then we will use WAI-ARIA which works with the latest screen readers, and… Continue Reading Accessible Client-side Form Validation with HTML5

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