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For over fifteen years, Deque has been helping major corporations, government agencies, and other organizations ensure that their websites and mobile apps are accessible to everyone. We have more than fifteen years of history of serving the federal government, including undertaking the biggest accessibility program that's occurred in the United States government or anywhere. Deque also works with .edu's and mission-focused nonprofits to ensure that their materials and systems are usable and barrier free for users with disabilities. The company invented the first accessibility plug-in software, the first web-based testing platform, and the first server-based accessibility solution. All of these have been created in the service of helping our customers become accessible, advance the goals of their organization, and remove barriers for all users on the web.

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Suit Filed Against H&R Block

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Taxpayers with Visual Impairment File Suit  for Inaccessible Website As the nation's April 15th tax deadline approaches, taxpayers everywhere are scrambling to file their taxes online. Meeting that yearly deadline is even more difficult for taxpayers with disabilities who struggle with inaccessible websites. Two taxpayers with a visual impairment recently filed suit against H&R Block, one of the leading providers of tax services in the… Continue Reading Suit Filed Against H&R Block

Tips for Accessibility on World Autism Day

Autism Awareness Ribbon

April 2nd is designated as World Autism Day, which is a day to increase awareness and celebrate the acceptance of those with autism. Did you know that the latest figures indicate that 1 in 50 children in the United States are now on the autism spectrum? With more and more children receiving a diagnosis, ensuring access becomes increasingly important. Designing for Cognitive Abilities Most people often… Continue Reading Tips for Accessibility on World Autism Day

Response to Wall Street Journal Article: Disabled Sue Over Shopping

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Yesterday, the Wall Street Journal posted an article about the increasing number of suits filed over website accessibility. It mentioned suits against retailers such as Target, Netflix, Travelocity, and Bank of America to name a few, illustrating that litigation efforts span the gamut of customer-focused websites. While the article made a lot of points, we want to highlight the four listed below - While most… Continue Reading Response to Wall Street Journal Article: Disabled Sue Over Shopping

“It’s the tools, dammit!”: Accessibility and Content Management Tools

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I just learned something new - or something new about something old.  I was making a roadmap for a customer, and as part of the roadmap I reviewed the accessibility of their tools. Here is what I learned: Accessibility support in tools and process is not just important, sometimes it is everything. Don't believe everything vendors tell you. Well okay, you probably knew not to… Continue Reading “It’s the tools, dammit!”: Accessibility and Content Management Tools

Breaking News: Bank of America Settlement Announced

Bank of America announced today that they have entered into a structured settlement to make its mobile and security applications accessible and ADA compliant. From the press release: As part of its long-standing commitment to customers with visual impairments, Bank of America announced today that it is enhancing the accessibility of its award-winning Online and Mobile Banking security features. Bank of America's security features allow customers… Continue Reading Breaking News: Bank of America Settlement Announced

Documentary About Inspirational Armless Pilot Has Been Funded

Rightfooted Jessica Cox was born without arms, but has learned how to do many things just using her feet, including piloting planes! Funding to complete a documentary about her life has been funded by 115%! Take a look at this short video about Jessica and the project. [contentblock id=4 img=code.png]Xuw_YuX7G7k[contentblock id=5 img=gcb.png]

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