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Chris McMeeking is a software engineer and architect at Deque Systems, leading development efforts on Deque’s native mobile accessibility analysis products. His journey in accessibility began through a project at the University of Michigan, The ASK Scanning Keyboard. This application won multiple awards including the $100,000 Intel Innovator’s Award, runner up at the Mobile World Congress, and the Student of Da Vinci award from the Multiple Sclerosis foundation. Chris is the lead developer behind the Android Analyzer, and an active member of the task force developing these new accessibility mobile standards.

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What iOS Traits Actually Do

This post was co-authored by Chris McMeeking and Alistair Barrell. Accessibility Traits Accessibility Traits are yet another useful and important feature in the realm of iOS Accessibility. An Accessibility Trait allows you to choose the best description for what an element in your application does.  It is important to set up these traits properly so that a user does not get confused when clicking on… Continue Reading What iOS Traits Actually Do

Accessible Text Input in Android

This post was co-authored by Chris McMeeking and Melinda Kothbauer. The default text entry field in Android is the EditText object. EditText objects are difficult because the common practices for making Android UI elements accessible (content descriptions), do not work. Android provides the framework to make EditText objects accessible, but it is important to know what, when, and how to use the built-in tools. In… Continue Reading Accessible Text Input in Android

Dynamic Notifications

This post was co-authored by Chris McMeeking and Jennifer Dailey. Dynamic content in applications can be tricky to handle properly, and can lead to numerous accessibility violations. It is important to know the tools iOS provides you to handle dynamic content. Dynamic application content is easy to handle properly as long as your understand these tools and how to use them. In this post we… Continue Reading Dynamic Notifications

Accessible jQuery UI DatePicker

date of availability form field and calendar

Today's post is from Chris McMeeking, a software developer at Deque.  Prior to working with Deque, Chris ran his own company dedicated to making mobile devices accessible for children with cerebral palsy.  "I've always been intrigued by using technology to bridge the gap for those less able. Technology can be part of the solution, as long as we don't allow it to become a growing… Continue Reading Accessible jQuery UI DatePicker

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