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Caitlin joined the Deque team back in 2011 and has taken on a variety of roles over the years. These days she spends her time exploring the best ways to communicate accessibility ideas and solutions to the general public.

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April #a11ychat – Violation or Best Practice?

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Not Foolin' This month's #a11ychat will be taking place on April 15th, from 5-6pm EST.  Our topic this month is "Violation or Best Practice?" There are many accessibility standards that are up for debate - are some accessibility issues actually violations or simply a violation of best practice? The Deque team  of Denis Boudreau, Glenda Sims, Todd Liebsch, Paul Adam, and Paul Bohman, are ready… Continue Reading April #a11ychat – Violation or Best Practice?

Deque Accessibility Round-Up – March 29, 2013

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Here is a round-up of accessibility links from across the web this week: "Using NVDA to Evaluate Web Accessiblity" - WebAIM "4 Tips You Can Learn From Blind People" (VIDEO) - TommyEdisonXP "How Design has the Potential to Help People with Dementia" - The Future Perfect Company "Role-Based Accessibility in Government: Everyone's Responsibility" - "My web my way" - BBC Guide to Accessibility "Readability Bookmarklet"… Continue Reading Deque Accessibility Round-Up – March 29, 2013

#a11ychat on Monday: the Ides of Accessibility

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Monday March 18th is the next a11ychat!  This month we're discussing "The Ides of Accessibility" - which is to say the challenges of accessibility we have yet to solve and sometimes trip up our efforts.  What problems do you encounter when using web accessibility software?  Where have accessibility regulations tripped up?  What are the limitations of accessibility? Join us on Monday from 5-6pm EST for… Continue Reading #a11ychat on Monday: the Ides of Accessibility

Deque Employee Profile: Paul Bohman

paul b

What do you do at Deque and how long have you been here? I'm the Director of Training at Deque, and I have been here for a grand total of three months now, but I've been involved with web accessibility since 1999, so I may be new at my current job, but I'm kind of an old-timer in the accessibility field. I got my start… Continue Reading Deque Employee Profile: Paul Bohman

Deque’s #a11ychat Guide to CSUN 2013

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Welcome to Deque's #a11ychat guide to CSUN!  This guide was compiled based on the February #a11ychat - you can read the entire #a11ychat transcript on Chirpstory. First things first: you can review the entire list of CSUN 2013 sessions on the conference website. You can review Deque's CSUN 2013 schedule of sessions here.  We're featuring three different presentation tracks - Amaze, Accessibility Success Case Studies,… Continue Reading Deque’s #a11ychat Guide to CSUN 2013

Accessibility Round-Up – February 22, 2013

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Here are some notable accessibility links from around the web this week: "Accessible content writing starter kit" - Access iQ(Featuring Deque's free accessibility testing plug-in, FireEyes, under Accessibility Tools!) "Quick Tip: Don't auto-play video, music and more" - A11y Project "CAPTCHA: Inaccessible to Everyone" - SitePoint "The End of Accessibility?" - .net "Accessibility Information Pages Show Corporate Commitment to all Customers" - Law Office of… Continue Reading Accessibility Round-Up – February 22, 2013

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