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Caitlin joined the Deque team back in 2011 and has taken on a variety of roles over the years. These days she spends her time exploring the best ways to communicate accessibility ideas and solutions to the general public.

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May #a11ychat

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Town Hall with Shawn Lauriat from Google Our next #a11ychat will take place on May 20th from 4-5pm EDT (note the time change!), and will feature a very special guest: Shawn Lauriat, a software engineer at Google since 2011, focusing on accessibility of Google Docs. Shawn will be answering questions during the #a11ychat and talking about accessibility and Google Docs. The Deque team, including Glenda Sims,… Continue Reading May #a11ychat

Accessibility Round-Up – April 12, 2013

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Here are some notable accessibility links from around the web this week: Why did Mr. Rogers always make a point of mentioning out loud when he was feeding his fish? - Reddit "BBC Olympics: An Accessibility Case Study" - Alistair Duggin on SlideShare "Overcoming Accessibility Challenges of Web Conferencing" - IBM "Accessibility: Front and Center" - Bruce Maas, CIO of University of Wisconsin-Madison "Making Accessible Icon Buttons" -… Continue Reading Accessibility Round-Up – April 12, 2013

#a11ychat Coming up on Monday!

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Ambiguous Guidelines? The April #a11ychat is coming up on Monday the 15th from 5-6pm EDT. The topic is "Violation or Best Practice?" We will discuss the many accessibility guidelines whose interpretation can sometimes be ambiguous: accessibility issues that are often perceived as actual violations, while they may in fact only be best practice (and vice versa). The Deque team of Denis Boudreau, Glenda Sims, Todd Liebsch, Paul… Continue Reading #a11ychat Coming up on Monday!

Global Accessibility Awareness Day

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Global Accessibility Awareness Day is coming! Thursday, May 9th, is Global Accessibility Awareness Day, and according to GAAD it "is a community-driven effort whose goal is to dedicate one day to raising the profile of and introducing the topic of digital (web, software, mobile app/device, etc.) accessibility and people with different disabilities to the broadest audience possible." The event was started in November 2011 by Joe Devon and Jennison Asuncion,… Continue Reading Global Accessibility Awareness Day

Wired on Building Accessible Mobile Apps

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Wired recently published a piece on building accessible mobile apps: "Three Things to Make Your App Stand Out When Building for Accessibility".  In the article, Matthew Wee details the challenges of creating accessible mobile apps when no standardized rules for mobile accessibility have been created in any concrete form. "Mobile has overtaken desktop as a means to access information and the popularity of mobile devices… Continue Reading Wired on Building Accessible Mobile Apps

A Response to NPR Piece “Unfit for Work: the Startling Rise of Disability in America”

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This piece was written with special assistance from Dr. Paul Bohman, Deque Director of Training. A very interesting story was recently covered by NPR via Planet Money, This American Life, and All Things Considered. In the piece "Unfit for Work: the Startling Rise of Disability in America", Chana Joffe-Walt presents the current state of the US Social Security disability benefits program - a program now… Continue Reading A Response to NPR Piece “Unfit for Work: the Startling Rise of Disability in America”

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