Amaze Track at CSUN13

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We have some really amazing things to share at this year's CSUN conference! One of our tracks includes three sessions about our newest product, Amaze! We have a series of presentations on Amaze discussing how the platform works, how it's a totally new approach to a11y testing, and a live demo. You don't want to miss these sessions!

  • Amaze: Shut up and Start Fixing...A revolutionary approach to web accessibility

 Current approaches to web accessibility have some significant gaps. New thinking, new creativity and new solutions are needed to meet the reality of how most organizations deploy technology for their customers and employees. Join Deque CEO Preety Kumar for this call to action and for the unveiling of Deque's Amaze platform, a groundbreaking new paradigm for meeting the challenges of today's technology environments.

  • Amaze Under the Covers-Technology to Fix Accessibility Fast

Deque's Amaze platform provides a powerful new approach to accessibility. Be among the first to obtain an understanding of the technical architecture behind Amaze. Deque will also discuss for the first time how third party developers can participate in creating and deploying Amaze accessibility overlays.

  • Amaze Live!

See Deque's new Amaze platform in action! The Deque tech team will go under the hood to show how the platform's revolutionary accessibility overlays work and, live during the presentation, they will code and deploy accessibility overlays on a demonstration site.

If you are interested in our entire CSUN schedule, download the pdf today!

download and be amazed



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