Your Action Plan for CVAA Compliance

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The Twenty-First Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act (CVAA) was enacted in 2010 to ensure that persons with disabilities have access to modern communications technology. The CVAA includes a wide range of requirements for both telecommunications and audiovisual services. But what does this mean for website owners?

CVAA Compliance for Website Owners

If you need help figuring out how to comply with the CVAA, a good first step is to download our CVAA Action Plan. In the action plan, we explain the CVAA and what it covers, as well as highlight specific steps you can undertake to make sure your website is compliant.

The CVAA Action Plan includes:

  • What is the CVAA?
  • What does the CVAA mean for website owners?
  • CVAA action plan for website owners
  • Deque Professional Accessibility Services

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