Accessible jQuery Development Round-up

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Over the last few weeks, we have featured several posts sharing the many uses of jQuery to create accessible web and mobile pages. We've gathered all of our recent jQuery posts in one place in case you missed any of these expert posts.

jQuery Round-up

  • Deque Partners with jQuery for a More Accessible Web

Learn all about the exciting new accessibility partnership between jQuery and Deque Systems.

  • Javascript Accessibility Summit

If you weren't able to attend the Javascript Accessibility Summit, held in Herndon, VA in partnership with jQuery and Deque, check out the excellent recap post by Paul Bohman.

  • #a11ychat Tweetchat Transcript: jQuery

Did you miss October's #a11ychat on Twitter? Read the discussion about jQuery and accessibility by checking out the tweetchat transcript.

  • Accessible Dynamic Forms and Form Validation with jQuery

In this post, Dylan Barrell shares his slides from the Javascript Accessibility Summit, and talks about the importance of using accessible forms to make websites truly usable for all.

  • Accessible jQuery UI DatePicker

Learn how to create an accessible datepicker with the jQuery UI in this expert post from Chris McMeeking.

  • Responsive Accessible Data Tables with jQuery

Dylan Barrrell shares how to create responsive and accessible data tables with jQuery.

  • Mobile Web Accessibility with jQuery [Slideshow]

Paul J. Adam shares his mobile web accessibility slides from the Javascript Accessibility Summit in this post. His talk, featuring a slideshow created on jQuery Mobile, focused on accessibility features in iOS and Android, and how mobile devices are making the world better for people with disabilities.

Still hungry for more jQuery? Be on the lookout for the next Deque/jQuery Accessibility Summit, to be held in January. Watch this space for details and sign up to for Deque's news and events to learn how to register.

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