Accessibility Software & Vendor Checklist – version 2.0 Now Available

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Accessibility-Softare-Checklist-torn-imageWe are often contacted by people who were asked to do the following -

"Can you look into some software we can use to make our website accessible?"


"I was just told that our website needs to comply with Section 508, can you find a company that does that?"

Often in these cases, someone in a C-level or management position has heard something about the need for an accessible website, or found out that they are supposed to be complying with a law regulating accessibility. The responsibility of finding a product or a vendor that ensures website accessibility is often given to someone with little or no knowledge about what they should be looking for or how to make this important decision.

Checklist 2.0

Our recently refreshed Accessibility Software Checklist aims to offer guidance to those individuals seeking a new software vendor. We offer a free checklist that includes questions to ask a potential accessibility vendor about their company and capabilities, and about the software itself.  After going through the checklist with the vendor, the information-seeker should have a better sense of what each company can do and be able to present their findings to the decision maker in their case.

Download our FREE Accessibility Software checklist today to get started!


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