What is the AODA?

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The Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) is part of sweeping legislation designed to remove barriers for all individuals with disabilities, including access to the Internet. As part of the law, there are new regulations in place to provide accessible customer service. As more business is conducted online, this means companies need to make sure their digital properties are accessible to customers regardless of ability.

Accessibility is Great Customer Service

All businesses in Ontario must become compliant with the new regulations. Not only is web accessibility increasingly important because of legal requirements, but an accessible website helps you better serve all of your customers, regardless of ability.

With deadlines fast approaching, there are many questions about how companies can bring their websites into compliance with the new law. We are offering a wide variety of resources to help your company make the transition. Visit the Deque AODA Resource Center for tips, webinars, tools and training opportunities to help make your site AODA compliant.

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