axe for Web

Automated accessibility testing for your web apps.

Getting Started with an axe Browser Extension

  1. Download the axe extension for Chrome or the axe extension for Firefox.
  2. Go to the page you want to test.
  3. Open up your browser’s developer tools menu. You can accomplish this by right-clicking on the page and selecting “Inspect” or “Inspect Element.”
  4. Select the axe tab in the developer tools menu. In Firefox the tab is named “Accessibility” or “axe Accessibility Audit.”
  5. Hit the big “Analyze” button. On the left-hand side of the axe dashboard, you’ve got a handy list of accessibility issues and how many times the issue occurs on the page. When you click on an issue, a detailed explanation is provided to the right of the list and includes:
    • A description of the issue with a link to additional info available for free on Deque University
    • A snippet of the code that has caused the issue
    • Guidelines for fixing the issue
    • Information about the severity of the issue and which accessibility guidelines are being violated (e.g. WCAG 2.0, Section 508, etc.)
    • And the “Inspect” button which will bring you to the problem-code in your browser’s page inspector

Download the axe browser extension

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Axe Standard is the free extension you know and love. Killer for testing individual pages while you code, built on the most popular and accurate testing library in the world. Drop the axe on your accessibility defects with this automated testing tool.

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Axe beta unlocks additional features that help you perform advanced accessibility testing without having to become an expert. In addition to automated testing, it includes guided testing modules that extend your testing coverage and helps build issue reports based on feedback you provide.

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Features to help you get started and to scale your Web accessibility testing efforts.

Feature comparison table
Starter Beta
Axe-core library
Included with Starter
Included with Beta
"Learn more" remediation resources
Included with Starter
Included with Beta
Automated tests
Included with Starter
Included with Beta
Intelligent guided tests
Not included with Starter
Included with Beta
Test record manager & user dashboard
Not included with Starter
Included with Beta
Export issues
Not included with Starter
Included with Beta
Limit test scope
Not included with Starter
Included with Beta

axe beta FAQs

Will axe beta make my page/site/app accessible?
Axe beta can help you find all accessibility issues that can be accurately detected via automation plus a variety of accessibility issues that would require basic manual testing; however, it can not detect all accessibility issues. You will still need help from an expert accessibility tester to perform additional manual testing (especially if you’re worried about meeting certain compliance requirements). Keep in mind, axe Pro and accessibility testing tools in general can only detect issues – it’s up to your team to actually fix the issues.

What are the differences between axe beta, axe-core and axe browser extensions?
Axe-core is an open source JavaScript library of accessibility tests – it’s raw code that you can integrate into your development environment.

The axe browser extension, or axe Starter, is essentially axe-core wrapped in an easy-to-use interface so you can perform axe testing and view your results without having to build your own interface. The extension is available for Firefox and Chrome.
Axe beta builds on the foundation of the axe extension (in-browser testing with a friendly UI) with the addition of some guided testing modules that walk you through manual accessibility tests.

If accessibility testing were a latte, axe-core would be the espresso beans, the axe extension would be espresso beans loaded in a home espresso machine, and axe beta would be that same home espresso machine with a milk steamer.

Is axe beta available for browsers besides Chrome?
At this time, axe beta is only available for Chrome.

Is axe beta available for mobile?
Axe beta cannot perform native iOS or Android testing at this time, but you could use it for some mobile web testing by resizing your browser window on a computer. Visit the axe for Android page to learn more about the axe Android app.

Does axe beta offer a cloud and desktop version?
Not at this time. Axe beta is a web-based tool that runs in-browser and requires an active internet connection to work.

Is axe beta open source?
Axe beta’s automatic tests are performed with the axe-core testing library, which is open source; however, the axe beta UI and guided testing modules are not open source.

Is axe beta for sale?
Axe beta is currently free so we can get as much feedback as possible for the beta testing process. The future of axe beta after the beta has not yet been determined, but offering it as a paid tool is a possibility.

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