Fix and Get it Done

Image of Amaze LogoDo you have accessibility issues that need to be fixed right now? In a perfect world, web accessibility programs and remediation would always be approached very deliberately with ample preparation and plenty of time for thorough execution. Unfortunately, things don’t always work out that way.

Maybe you’ve got legal and regulatory deadlines on the horizon. Or maybe you want to be able to respond immediately to the needs of users with disabilities when they have a problem using your site. If you need a web accessibility tool that can be used to remediate your site quickly, securely, and without disrupting your long-term website accessibility and development plans, you need Amaze.

Amaze works by creating overlays that can render your website and web applications accessible without altering or even requiring access to the source code or API, which means Amaze overlays can also be created for third-party content. Finally, you can have your accessibility overlays created by the Deque team or train your own developers to create them.

If you’d like to see Amaze in action, download our free My Amaze plug-in!


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